Welcome To Brooklyn Ballers

Brooklyn Ballers Basketball, Inc., is a Non-Profit organization conceived in April, 2003.  Our goal is to provide, through the vehicle of organized basketball, discipline, structure, self-esteem, and wholesome physical activity to the young men and women of the communities we work in.  Though the challenges facing less privileged youth in these communities are daunting, Brooklyn Ballers maintains that sports, when properly utilized, provides a unique tool for academic motivation and conflict resolution- two plagues that have historically affected our neighborhoods.

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What We Do

Brooklyn Ballers is also a staunch supporter and practitioner of Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents.  Our staff is conscious of each of the prescribed External and Internal Assets (i.e. Support, Empowerment, Boundaries and Expectations, Constructive use of time, Strong commitment to learning, Positive value system, Social competence, and Positive identity.) , and we reinforce these ideals within the framework of learning how to become not simply a good basketball player, but a good citizen and sportsman.  Each student will be mentored by an experienced professional who in each case has navigated many of the same rough patches in life that the student encounters. We are duty-bound to listen, advise, and support -without exception.  We also understand that the high expectations that we place on the students may seen daunting at first glance.  But with time and positive peer pressure, they come to realize that it is liberating to reach high, socially and athletically, and they begin to see that even when one falls short, experience has been gained and important lessons have been learned.  From these lessons, a strong sense of accomplishment, self-worth and personal power is borne, which when practiced, becomes a permanent asset to a child’s being.