Health & Wellness

Students will learn the fundamentals of basketball from a professionally trained and experienced staff.

Students will be extensively trained in the area of Conflict Resolution through basketball and the practice of humane interaction.

Students will be taught the importance of diligent, honest effort and resiliency through basketball and from scheduled guest speakers.

 Students will be taught the value of physical fitness and its relation to high self-esteem.

 Students will learn the connection between academic achievement and all of the other life skills listed above.

Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents will be nurtured through kinesthetic drills and positive reinforcement by the staff.


Brooklyn Ballers is proud to introduce the RIPPLE Mentoring Program, an additional service that will provide the children that are registered in the Brooklyn Ballers After School Basketball Clinics an opportunity to meet and talk with an adult role model on a one to one basis.

We believe that a strong relationship with a positive role model will inspire our youth to become good citizens and provide them with the tools to succeed in life.

The RIPPLE Mentoring Program will schedule Mentor and Mentee group outings during the school year.

The RIPPLE Mentoring Program’s objective is to promote character development and academic success.

Contact a Coach for details on the program.  Available as an additional component of the Brooklyn Ballers After School Basketball Clinics.

Our Success

We congratulate our students who have successfully completed the Brooklyn Ballers program and are pursuing their academic careers; listed below are a few of the higher education Institutions. It is our belief that every child we come in contact with will experience success and become productive members in society.


 SUNY Albany

American International College

Boston University

Caldwell College 

    Dartmouth College

Fordham University

George Washington University

Manhattanville College

 New Jersey Institute of Technology

 Providence College

 Rutgers University

 Salem College

 Seton Hall University

 Stonybrook University

 University of Bridgeport